I am trained in classical drawing at the Drawing Academy and have a bachelors degree in computer graphics art from the Animation Workshop in Viborg.

My work so far includes Background paintings for a Disney tv show, illustrations for a children's books and graphic work for infomercials.

I am a humorous woman with a go to attitude and a keen eye for detail.                                       I thrive with teamwork where everyone draws on the collective knowhow and strive to better their individual craft. I feel great when I know I have completed a task to the best of my abilities and I take good care in doing so.

Additionally I am a 31 year old woman with affections for cooking delicious food and gardening and watching anime.

Work Experiences

2014 - now

Freelancing Artist

Self employed

2019 -short term

Color artist


  • Worked on The Ape Star - which is still in development
  • Painted color thumbs and colored some layouts for later in the production.

2017 - 2018

Background Painter


  • Worked on the Disney TV show, Big Hero 6 the series
  • Painted Backgrounds


Graphic Artist

Dupondi Studio

  • Worked on an infomercial about introducing refugees to life in Denmark. 
  • Client was the Municipality
  • Created Characters, Assets and color scripts.
  • Worked in Adobe Illustrator

2016 - 2017


Bolden publishing

  • Was hired to Illustrate a book for tween girls
  • Created all the visual material.
  • The book is called "Sig det ikke til nogen"
  • Author is Dorthe Roholte


Background Artist

The Danish Film school

  • Worked on the semester film "Dagny" by student director peter Lopez
  • Painted Backgrounds based on a provided style guide and 3D renders


All round Artist

2nd Studio

  • Worked on an infomercial about daycare opportunities in Viborg. Client was the Municipality.
  • Created characters, backgrounds and color scripts
  • Media was watercolors on paper.
  • characters were done in pieces to be animated "like a puppet"


Environment artist.

SunCreature Studio

  • worked on 2D animated short titled "Tales of Alethrion"
  • Created initial sketches and color studies


Character designer

LUXX Studios

  • worked on 3D animated feature film tilted "Manou the Swift"
  • Created initial chracter sketches of teh birds for later design use

Education and Classes

2009 - 2013

2012. 5 Months

The Animation Workshop

Bachelor in Computer Graphics Art

Design internship at LUXX Studios in Stuttgart, Germany

2013. 7 weeks.

2008. 5 Months

Scott Eaton

Online Anatomy class.

The drawing Academy

Classical drawing class



Know how

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Watercolor medium
  • Pencil sketching
  • Illustration 
  • Environment design
  • Background painting
  • Character Turnarounds
  • Color scrips
  • Asset design


Danish and English very well.

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